Optical Brightener Agent

PRODUCT NAME:Optical brightener CBS-X

Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X


Chemical Name       4.4-bis(2-disulfonicacid styryl) biphenyl

Molecular Formula         C28H18O6S2Na2

Molecular Weight   562



C.I.   351


Specification   Appearance:     Light yellow –green and good flowinggranular


                 Indissoluble substance (in water):     0.5%max

                 E1:   1150+/_38

                 In ultra-violet range:         348-350nm


Packing   25kg / fiber drum


Applications   Fluorescentbrightener CBS-X is widely used detergent, soap and cosmetics industries etc.It is also used in textile. It is the most excellent whitening agent forwashing powder, washing cream and liquid detergent. It is liable to biologydegradation and readily soluble in water, even in low temperature, especiallysuitable for liquid detergent. Products of the same kind made in foreigncountries include, Tinopal CBS-X, etc.