Nucleating Agent


Characteristic: Highly effective nucleating agent forpolyolefin, capable of raising matrix resin's crystallizationtemperature, heat distortion temperature, rensie  strength, surface strength, bending modulus impact strength,furthermore, it can improve transparency of matrix resin greatly.

Performanceand Quality Index:


White power

Molting Point(o C)


Qranularity (μm)


Volatile(105 o C-110 o C,2h)



TheRecommended Content:

1.   Polyolefingranulation process :0.05-0.3%

2.   PBT:0.1%-0.7%

Applications: a suitable agent for Homo-PP, Impact-PE,PETand polyamides.

Package and Storage: The innerpackage is AL platinum bag(10kg/bag),the out package is paper box and one boxcontains 2 bags ,Storage in cold and dry place, it may be preserved long whilenot destroying the seal, Please bundle the bag after used.

Notes: This product is a king oforganic chemical and inedible, If there is any product in mouth or eyes whileusing, please wash with large amount of water immediately, and prompt medicalattention should be taken if serious.