Optical Brightener Agent

PRODUCT NAME:Optical brightener BBU

Chemical name        Stilbenebistriazine derivative

Structural formula



Specification   Appearance:    Slight yellow powder

FluorescentColor: Similar to the standard sample

Whiteningstrength:         100±3( compared withstandard sample)

Moisture:        6%

Ioniccharacter        anionic


Application     It’ssuitable for Optical Brightening Agent on cotton. Its affinity is good andprimarily for coating application, have excellent acid and alkalis stability,and good stability to peroxide beach. The quality is counter of Blankophor BBU.


Property:         1. Convenient in application, diluted withwater perfectly, suitable for continuous addition.

2.Good acid stability

3.Great performance in size press and pigment coating mixtures


Package:         20kgor for the special demand.