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PRODUCT NAME:Biopolishing Enzyme


Appearance  Liquid Color Yellowish 

Odor      Slightfermentationodor 

Solubility  Soluble in water 

CAS NO.    9012-54-8 

IUB NO.    EC3.2.1.4


Excellent bio-polishing effect 

Clean and even fabric surface 

Softer hand feel 

Brighter colors 

Environmental-friendly & bio-degradation


Effective temperation: 30-75℃, optimum temperation: 55-60℃ 

Effective PH:4.3-6.0,optimum PH:4.5-5.0


This product is widely used in feed,textile and paper industry. 

Feed industry recommended dosage:0.1‰solid enzyme 

Textile industry recommended dosage: 0.5-2.0% (owf), PH 4.5-5.4, temperature 45-55℃ bath 

ratio1:10-25,keep for 30-60 minutes,the data is base on100,000U/ML. 

In the paper industry according to the professional technical staff guidance.


Plastic drum is used in liquid type.

Plastic bag is used in silid type. 

Should be stored in a dry place with temperature between 5-35℃.