Optical Brightener Agent

PRODUCT NAME:Optical brightener EBF 350

Chemical name           2, 5-Bis (2-benzoxazolyl) thiophene





C.I No:     185

CAS No:   2866-43-5

Molecule formula        C18H10N2O2S

Molecule quantity       318.35

Appearance     yellow greenish powder

Color shade     bluish 

Purity         98%

Melt point               219221


Property  1. Canbe dissolved in most organic solvent, λ max =370nm (in DMF)

2. Good whitening efficiency and Good stability 


Application     At present, EBF is a whiteningagent(Optical Brightener) with blue white shade commonly used for polyester,acetate triacetate fibers Jing Lun, polyvinyl chloride fibers and their blendsin all stages of process both at home and abroad due to its fastness. Theproduct can also used for whitening plastics, coatings etc. It is similar toUnite EBF.


Package   Packaged in paper barrels with plastic sack,25kg each. Stored in room temperature

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