Optical Brightener Agent

PRODUCT NAME:Optical brightener DMS-X

Chemical Name: Optical Brightener DMS-X 

Main composition:

C.I. No: 71 

CAS No.: 16090-02-1 

Molecular mass:924.91 


Type of product: Mixture substance 

Technical index:

Appearance:       White or yellowish granule 

Solubility:        5g/l at 95°C 

E-value (±10):     416 

Triazine AAHT %:    ≤ 0.0500 

Total Triazine%:    ≤ 1.0000 

Moisture content %:  ≤ 5.0 

Ionic Character:    Anionic 

Iron content (ppm):  ≤ 50 

Performance and Features: 

Adding DMS-X to detergent powder before spray drying, DMS-X can homogenize with detergent powder through spray drying. The using amount is 0.05~0.2% 


Packaging and Storage: 

Packaging with 25kg bag, or special Packaging according to customers, more than one year of stability,store at the room temperature.