Detergent chemical

Product Name CI NO. Application Details
Optical brightener CBS-X CI 351

It can be used as brightener for detergent, cotton, linen, silk, polyamide fiber, wool and paper .It can be added to any process of any type of detergent.

Optical brightener AMS-X CI 71

1.Used in detergent industry, for the synthetic detergent, toilet soap and soap 2.Used in the fabric of cotton fiber, nylon, etc, taking on excellent whitening effect on artificial fiber, polyamide, vinylon, also has good whitening effect on protein fiber, aminoplastics.

Optical brightener 5BM CI 28

As brightener of Cellulose base fibre and Polyamide fibre, used in detergent.

Optical brightener SWN CI 140

It is used in brightening acetate fiber, polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, acetic acid fiber and wool. It also can be used in cotton, plastic and chromatically press paint, and added into resin to whiten the fiber cellulose.

Biopolishing Enzyme 9012-54-8

This product is widely used in feed,textile and paper industry. 

Optical brightener DMS-X CI 71

Adding DMS-X to detergent powder before spray drying, DMS-X can homogenize with detergent powder through spray drying. The using amount is 0.05~0.2%

Optical brightener DMA-X CI 71

Adding DMA-X to detergent powder before spraydrying, DMA-X can homogenize with detergent powder through spray drying. Theusing amount is 0.05~0.2%

Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt-4Na 38% (EDTA-4Na 38%) 13254-36-4

EDTA-4Na is an important chelant of metal ion. It is used as additive for cleanse industry, activator for polyreaction, clean water agent for watertreatment, and metal ion masking composition for color photosensitive and paper industry.

Nitrilotriacetic acid trisodium salt (NTA-3Na) 40% 5064-31-3

Color fixing agent in dyeing industry.

Stabilizer when producing styrene.

Catalyst or chelating agent in polyurethane foam production.

Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate (IDS) 144538-83-0

oxidative bleaching of cotton with H2O2 in a variety of processes

clean hard surfaces:cleaning of membranes, floors and glass and use in car shampoos.

new water softening ingredient in the popular household detergent formulations.

in variety of liquid fertilizers, it can complex the mirocro element such as Mn, Cu, Fe, B, etc, to facilitate the crops' adsorption for these metal ions.